I’ve been working in the world of fashion for over 25 years as a personal image consultant, stylist, makeup artist, fashion designer, fashion-academy instructor and corporate trainer. I wouldn’t say that I’m passionate about fashion. Of course I am aware of the latest trends, but what I’m really passionate about is people, their concerns and anxieties, and participating in their personal development by helping them feel better about their image. My professional goal is to bring image consulting to everyone, and so the services I offer are aimed at men and women of any age and profile, at an affordable price. In addition, all of them can be tailored to your specific needs. All of my advice is based on specific and customized technical studies.

I want you to feel good and to bring out the best in you

That’ why if you contract any service I will be your helping hand, and for one full year you can ask me any questions for free.

I have worked with companies and organizations such as the University of Barcelona, Viventia, Grass Roots, Gratacós, Natura Bissé, Swarovsky, Opticalia, RACC, Banco de Sabadell, fashion Guerrero Fashion School and the Duran i Reynals Hospital.

If you’d like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’ll be happy to help.

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